Ambassador Zhao Zhiyuan Publishes Signed Article Entitled "Safeguard Common Security for Shared Development" on Ethiopian Mainstraim Media
2023-03-10 19:50

Today, our world, our times and history are changing in ways like never before, and the international community is confronted with multiple risks and challenges rarely seen before. Regional security hotspots keep flaring up, local conflicts and turbulence occur frequently, the COVID-19 pandemic persists, unilateralism and protectionism have risen significantly, and traditional and non-traditional security threats are entwined. The deficits in peace, development, security and governance are growing, and the world is once again at a crossroads in history. 

At such a critical juncture for world peace and development, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech titled Rising to Challenges and Building a Bright Future Through Cooperation at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022, and proposed for the first time the Global Security Initiative (GSI). The other day, China officially released The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper, demonstrating China’s great responsibilities to maintain world peace and firm resolve to safeguard global security. 

The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper is consistent with “six commitments” as its core concepts and principles: the commitment to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security provides conceptual guidance; the commitment to respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries is the basic premise; the commitment to abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter is a primary benchmark; the commitment to taking the legitimate security concerns of all countries seriously is an important principle; the commitment to peacefully resolving differences and disputes between countries through dialogue and consultation is a must choice; and the commitment to maintaining security in both traditional and non-traditional domains is an inherent requirement. Living up to the universal expectations from the international community, the Concept Paper wins more global recognition in China’s advocacy of cooperation, provides guidance for all stakeholders to find effective solutions to security plight and disputes, and fosters a more comprehensive understanding of the international community in China’s contribution to solving global security issues. 

The Chinese government will give a full play to multiple platforms and mechanisms of cooperation, in a bid to safeguard common security and pursue shared development. China will continue to play a positive role in the General Assembly, relevant UN Committees, the Security Council, relevant institutions, and other international and regional organizations; to leverage the roles of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS cooperation, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, the “China+Central Asia” mechanism, and relevant mechanisms of East Asia cooperation; to hold high-level conferences on the GSI in due course to strengthen policy communication in the field of security, promote intergovernmental dialogue and cooperation, and further foster synergy in the international community to address security challenges; to support the China-Africa Peace and Security Forum, the Middle East Security Forum, the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, the Global Public Security Cooperation Forum (Lianyungang) and other international dialogue platforms in contributing to deepening exchange and cooperation on security; and to build more international platforms and mechanisms for exchange and cooperation on addressing security challenges in such areas as counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, biosecurity and emerging technologies, with a view to improving the governance capacity in the domain of non-traditional security. 

Guided by the GSI, China will continue to enhance security cooperation with Africa. China supports the efforts of African countries, the AU and sub-regional organizations to resolve regional conflicts, fight terrorism and safeguard maritime security, calls on the international community to provide financial and technical support to Africa-led counter-terrorism operations, and supports African countries in strengthening their ability to safeguard peace independently. China supports addressing African problems in the African way, and promotes peaceful settlement of hotspots in the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, the Great Lakes region and other areas. China actively implements the Outlook on Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa, promotes the institutionalization of the China-Horn of Africa Peace, Governance and Development Conference, and works actively to launch pilot projects of cooperation. 

China is ready to conduct security cooperation with Ethiopia under the framework of the GSI, and actively promote coordination of security concepts and convergence of interests. As an anchor of peace in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia with its own peace and stability holds great significance for maintaining lasting peace in the region. China-Ethiopia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership is advancing with strong momentum. Practical cooperation in various fields is deepening with more tangible fruits. Both countries have the common interest of creating a peaceful and stable environment for development. China welcomes the active participation of Ethiopia and more African countries in the GSI, promotes the synergy between African Peace and Security Architecture and the GSI, and works with our African friends to enrich the substance of the initiative by actively exploring new forms and areas of cooperation. 

It is our common aspiration to achieve lasting world peace, so that all countries can enjoy a peaceful and stable external environment and their people can live a happy life with their rights fully guaranteed. Like passengers aboard the same ship, let’s work in solidarity to foster a community of shared security for mankind and build a world that is free from fear and enjoys universal security!