Ambassador Zhao Zhiyuan published Congratulatory Remarks on the Ethiopian Herald
2023-07-04 21:14

Congratulatory Remarks on the 80th Anniversary of the Ethiopian Herald

H.E. Zhao Zhiyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia

As Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, I extend my warm congratulations to the Ethiopian Herald and all the staff for its 80th Anniversary.

The Ethiopian Herald, as one of the oldest news newspaper in Ethiopia, has always kept pace with the times and walked with the people, faithfully recording the glorious history of Ethiopia's reform and development since its establishment on 3 July 1943. As one of the most important daily newspaper published in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Herald has won largest subscriber-ship in the country after 80 years of operation. The Ethiopian Herald has not only opened a door for foreigners in Ethiopia to understand this great country, but also serves as an important window for the Ethiopian people to understand the world.

Since China and Ethiopia established diplomatic relations in 1970, the Ethiopian Herald has been a witness to, a supporter and an envoy of China and Ethiopia friendship. Through the Ethiopian Herald, stories about China are reported in Ethiopia and more importantly, China's ideas are understood by more and more Ethiopian friends. To this end, I sincerely thank all the staff of the Ethiopian Herald for their contribution to the development of China-Ethiopia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and friendship between our two brotherly peoples.

This year, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Global Civilization Initiative, advocating respect for the diversity of civilizations, promoting the common values of humanity, attaching importance to inheritance and innovation of civilizations, strengthening international people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, and providing basic guidelines and paths for different civilizations to coexist, exchange and learn from each other, which is the natural result of Chinese civilization and will surely flourish the garden of world civilizations. Both Ethiopia and China are ancient civilizations. On the occasion of the Ethiopian Herald’s 80th Anniversary, I would like to take this chance to invite Ethiopia Press Agency to achieve the aims of the Global Civilization Initiative together with China.

After eighty years of journey, the Ethiopian Herald is now standing at a new starting point. I believe the Ethiopian Herald will definitely write a bright new chapter in the new era!