Press Release: Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for speedy BRICS expansion at the 15th BRICS Summit
2023-08-25 15:51

On August 23, 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed at the 15th BRICS Summit.

President Xi Jinping said that development is an inalienable right of all countries, not a privilege of a few. BRICS countries should be peers on the road of development and revitalization, oppose acts of "decoupling" and disrupting industrial and supply chains, as well as economic coercion, and focus on practical cooperation in such areas as digital economy, green development, supply chain, among others.

President Xi Jinping called for the speedy expansion of the BRICS and efforts to promote more just and reasonable global governance.

President Xi Jinping said that it is not acceptable to dress up one's domestic rules and regulations as international norms. International norms should be written and upheld by all in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter, rather than dictated by those with the strongest muscles and loudest voice. He also said that ganging up to form exclusive groups is even more unacceptable.

President Xi Jinping said that China will set up a China-BRICS science and innovation incubation park for the new era. The BRICS countries have agreed to launch the artificial intelligence (AI) study group and expand AI cooperation, and come to the agreement of developing Al governance frameworks, so as to make the AI technologies more secure, reliable, controllable and equitable.

President Xi Jinping made a speech at the Closing Ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum 2023, entitled “Enhancing Solidarity and Cooperation To Overcome Risks and Challenges And Jointly Build a Better World”. He expressed China's willingness to deepen solidarity and cooperation with other emerging markets and developing countries to push for a more just and equitable world order. As a developing country and a member of the Global South, China breathes the same breath as other developing countries and pursues a shared future with them, and has resolutely upheld the common interests of developing countries and worked to increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing countries in global affairs.