Press Release: China congratulates and welcomes Ethiopia as BRICS Member
2023-08-25 15:52

 The 15th BRICS Summit decided to invite Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Argentina, Iran and as full members. South Africa President H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa announced the BRICS expansion decision on a special press conference on  in South Africa On August 24, 2023. These six countries will be full members of BRICS with effect from 1 January 2024.

China is always a strong supporter for BRICS expansion especially for the membership of Ethiopia. China President Xi Jinping calls for speedy BRICS expansion at the 15th BRICS Summit. He welcomed more countries to the BRICS family to make global governance more just and equitable.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, H.E. Zhao Zhiyuan, congratulations and welcomes Ethiopia on joining the BRICS family. He said, China always strands ready for expanding cooperation with Ethiopia under BRICS. Long live China and Ethiopia friendship.